If you are in custody and want to try to get released while you are waiting for a trial to take place, then you will need to apply for bail with the help of bail bond company like Speedy Bail Bonds Toms River, NJ. The bail is the amount of money (or property) that you are required to pay to secure that release. You will still be classed as going on a “bail hearing” even if you are not asked to pay any money. If you are issued without payment being required, that is a ‘release on personal recognizance.’

Whether or not money is expected to be paid, you will still need to demonstrate that you meet the requirements to get released. Bail hearings are not about the facts of the offense that you are accused of having committed. The only thing that is being discussed is whether or not you should be allowed out while you wait for trial. The judge will look at things like whether you are a flight risk, and whether you could potentially be a danger to the community.

Your judge will deny bail if they think that either of those things is the case.  They will also deny bail if they are concerned that you do not have any ties in the area that would keep you in town.

If you are denied bail, or you are awarded bail but the amount set is too much for you to pay, then it is possible to appeal. You will need to prove that you will stay in the area and that you will behave responsibly while you are on bail. You can re-apply in the same court that denied you, or if the urgent appeal to a higher court, so don’t just accept the ruling if you are worried you will be stuck in jail for a long time.